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Is anybody out there running a 275 55 17 tire? I just got some delivered today and I'm kind of excited to see what they'd look like if you've got a picture that would be great. Stay safe everybody.

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At 29" tall that's too tall for an MN12, factory tire height was 26.5, give or take 1/4". You'll be losing at least 10% of your drive torque due to the gearing effect of the larger tires (e.g. the same feeling of going to a 3.08 if you had a 3.55). Your speedo will also be about 10% too slow.

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Plus I don鈥檛 know if the intent is to just run them on the rears, but that鈥檚 the only place they will fit, front doesn鈥檛 have enough clearance for the upper ball joint above 27鈥. People have run 29鈥 slicks but there is some reports of rubbing at the front of the rocker, the hubs aren鈥檛 fully centered in the wheel opening on these cars.

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275/60-15 M/T ET streets, 28" tall on the rear, no rubbing. Installed on 15x8 Weld Draglite 90's.

28x7.5-15 M/T Sportsman on the front, no rubbing. Installed on 15x4 Weld Draglite 90's,

Going to 30 x 9 M/T tubeless radial slicks this summer before JBMN / Summerblast.
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