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meet in southeast kansas

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ok, i wanted to get the ball rolling as early as possible. out last meet here got rained out, and it seems as if this one in feb will too possibly. *crosses fingers* i was thinking maybe a meet at the middle of june... maybe a friday, saturday, and sunday/ that way the car show scene will be in full swing! i will check the calendars for dates of big car shows around here. i would suggest a meet during riverfest, but that is may 19th- 25th i think. too close to the meet in parsons. thers a car show every night at two of teh spangles restaurants here, and one every saturday night at a place called back yard burgers (both really just a meet) the local import scene is a joke and hangs out on the south end of town (if anyone might be into that junk) i will be posting this in the oklahoma, arkansas, and kansas forums as well, so let me hear back!
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