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Mid-America Motorworks in Effingham, Illinois has opend a new auto-x course. The first event was in the spring, and the second is coming up next weekend. The cost is $15 for 3 runs and a dollar for fun runs at the end of the day. The field was less than 20 cars so I got 5 runs plus some rides for around 20 bucks. Even though I was driving my lowly Taurus most of the Corvette guys were were extremely polite (most were older gentlemen) and really enjoyed getting out there and running their cars.

Event Details here:

Sorry about the late notice; the only time I can access the internet is when I'm in town at a public terminal.

In the words of Sir William,
"God Bless and Fly Low"


P.S. LX is still with me, in the garage, unlicensed, and she still runs great. I took my friend for a spin down a deserted country road; he's got a Bonneville and now he wants one :)
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