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Damon has persuaded Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford magazine to hold an open day at E-Town for SUPERCOUPES & TURBOCOUPES ONLY.

Now is the time for all you guys talking all your trash to put your money where your mouth is. If you don't make more whining about why MMFF doesn't cover MN12's...PERIOD, b/c there will be no more ops unless there is a good turn out.

The date is July 7th (rain day the 8th). We'd like the fastest of the fast, but for now a showing is all that I'm asking, a) as fonding member of NJTACC and B) as a co-staffer with the MM&FF crew so I don't have to hear anymore crap about the superior abilities of the Lightning and Mustangs.
As Damon said, "We want them to take this half way seriously ya know?"

Call me at 201-712-9300 x 605 during bus. hours 9-5. If you can't reach me there...don't leave a message b/c voice mail is jacked up. Try me at my cell 201-686-4288, leave a message there if I don't answer.

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