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Hey Folks, new guy here who knows almost nothing of these great rides. I am old time Mopar Muscle Car fan and former owner who is eagerly awaiting the 2008 Dodge Challenger. I had been ready to buy a 2006 Mustang GT when I heard Challenger rumors last summer. So the idea of buying a new car and taking the hit on depreciation didn’t make sense to me.

I needed an affordable ride to get me through a couple of years and always liked the 90’s Thunderbirds. What is not to like, RWD with available V8 power in a Muscle Car sized coupe…with IRS and four-wheel disks! So of course I found the Cougar and Mark VII to be cool rides as well. Here in Enid there where no T-Birds for sale, one MarkVII and Cougars every where with for sale signs. Only one XR-7 and I really wanted the V8 power plant so I bought it, the miles where low and the price right.

My own In and Out list ala Car Craft about my 1995 Cougar.

IN: 4.6 V8
OUT: 210hp

IN: 4 wheel ABS Brakes
OUT: 15-inch wheels

IN: XR-7 says sporty
OUT: White Landau ¼ roof on green body says stodgy

I like the factory resto-mod look and will give the Cougar some flash and punch…that’s where you guys come in. Drive it for a couple years and pass it on to my wife when her lease runs out. Then when my 11-year-old stepson is ready to drive I’ll pass him the keys to a cool ride get him started right…Coupe, RWD and V8 power.

I am also at Cougar Nuts...I have a lot to learn and I think my MN-12 will be a fine subject to study.


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Welcome to our community. Here are a few suggestions that will help make your Cougar a faster, better driving car


Port and polish 96-98 heads
PI (99-up Mustang) or aftermarket cams
PI intake manifold
SCT tuning
AED supercharger, if you like

shorty headers
throttle body on a stock engine


Eibach, H&R or Vogtland springs
Koni or Sport shocks
Addco sway bars
99-up Cobra brakes and rotors
Cobra hub swap
17x8 or larger wheels
check your front upper control arm ball joints


J-mod newer 4R70W
Marauder or aftermarket (PI, etc) torque converter
aluminum diff housing
3.73 gears
aluminum driveshaft
MN12 performance diff bushings

This is only my opinion. Others here have different recipes for going fast in a straight line or through the curves, so decide which is for you.
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