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MN.... what state is that???
It should be in the midwest but I'm not really sure....

Found my hill there.... :D

There is something called Ardne Hill and the thing is
that that is my last name.... Ardne of course... Not Hill! :)

This is something that my grandmother thought of when she
married grandpa about 65 years ago..... What's the odds of that happening..

Anybody got a map or something from there??
Would be fun to see what my hill looks like...

Gotta be quite a hill since they've got a college and everything there... :D
*a bit proud*
Not everyday they name a city after me...
But of course... Since I am God and everything... Well
What can you expect... *ROTFLAMAO*
:D :D :D

But again...
If someone knows anything about this town or got pics or maps...
Let me know!


//Per ARDNE :)

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Minneapolis/St. Paul suburb

I believe you're thinking of Arden Hills, a twin cities suburb. All I know about it is I drove through it once, and the Bridgeman dairy is there. And Land o' Lakes they have good cheeez

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My bad...

[email protected]! :mad:

They had it misspelled at a site I was looking in...
That sux...

Well thanks for ruining my day then.....
*grumble, grumble*

:D :D :D :D

You're right... It's Arden hills...
Well... Close anyway... :)

//Per A
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