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:) Thought I'd post this on here to see what kind and how many cars from 89-97 running with bottle. Kinda get a registry type thing going on here. Might be useful as well in getting information for those that may ask for it.

Post year, type car, engine: stock, modified, purpose built etc, mods,and some basic information such as type system: wet/Dry, system using, and best E.T's etc to date.

Be something to look at and compare to, and so on. For general information purposes!!!


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4.6l v8
stock block
PI cams, 2800 rpm stall tc, underdrive pullies, 75mm throttle body, ported upper plenum, 3.73 trac-loc, J-mod, screamin demon coils
Nitrous Express Wet system 125 shot @ 3000 rpm + through msd window switch
Best ET to date [email protected] 99.46 mph (last fall at MIR dragway in Maryland).

West Virginia Chapter Director /, MA Drag Race Te
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Guess I should post mine while asking huh?

96 Cougar XR7
All factory stock 4.6L Long Block, intake, cams and heads

Bolt-ons, 70 MM TB, 80 MAF, Underdrives, 4.10's, JBA's, Screamin Demon Coil packs, MSD wires, Aeromotive FP regulator, 255 LPH Pump, factory type cat backs, PI 3000 Converter, Art Carr valve body kit, ZEX 125 HP nitrous system and a "Tana" tune from Jerry.

Best of 13.89 on Motor, Best of 12.81 @ 104.2 on ZEX 125 shot at Mason Dixon, November 2003.


96 Stock shortblock
Stock PI heads and Cams
Bullitt Intake and TB
Rest same as above (Except needs tuned)

Best of 12.60 @ 107 on drag tires @ lil shot.
Best of 12.72 @ 108 on Street tires @ lil shot (2nd Gear Activation) & all runs at Mason Dixon thus far.

More to come I hope!!!:)

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Year: 1996
Type car: Thunderbird LX
Engine: stock 2000 4.6L
Mods: PI 3900 Converter, 90mm maf, frpp wires, 2.5" dual exhaust with flowmaster 2 chambers, march underdrives, j-modded trans tuned by jerry, compucar n2o kit, with NOS bottle heater.
type system: wet 90hp jets
System using: CompuCar Nitrous Oxide wet kit (50-150 hp jets) for the 5.0L mustang (it works)

and best E.T's etc to date.
N/A best ET - 14.196 (Gateway Int Raceway, St.Louis) best mph 96.99 (US41 Int Raceway, Morocco, IN) (might have a 97 mph run but have some many slips to go through this is the quickest i have found)
N2O best ET - 12.902 best MPH 107.66 (US41 Int Raceway, Morocco, IN)

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See the sig. 1995 4.6l with the listed mods. Unsure of the best time due to altitude ('6200), but the best times here are in the mid 14's.

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SSC Headers
Dual Flow Master 40's
Magna Flow Cats
K&N Filter
Mustang Underdrive Pulleys
Low Temp Thermostat
410 Gears
Electric Fan
Screamin' Deamon Coil Packs
MDF Plug Wires
High Presure Fuel Filter
Nitrous System - to be set up on saturday, start witha 50 shot and get use to it then move to 100-150.

Best times so far w/o the Co2 are in the 10 on the 1/8 mile.

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97' Thunderbird 4.6L

Mods: 4.10's, beefed up tranny, TransGo shiftkit, Mark VIII converter, 2.5" dual exhaust (mandrel bent, x-pipe, catless, mufflerless), K&N filter, 02' Stang MAF & tube, Accufab 75mm throttle body, Trickflow upper intake plenum (75mm), March underdrive pulleys, 255lph fuel pump, FRPP wires, NX Ford EFI wet kit (with various goodies), Diablo flip chip programmed by Brian H.

track time info:
tires - 235/60/15 BFG Comp T/A's
nitrous - 125 shot (NX wet) with Harlan window switch set to 2500-6200rpms

Best ET run on spray - 1.966 60ft. , [email protected]
Best MPH run on spray - 2.098 60ft. , [email protected]

Best n/a run - 2.076 60ft. , [email protected]

all runs at 60ft above sea level track, 1880ft Air Density Altitude, 86* (crappy air)
on June 26th 2004

West Virginia Chapter Director /, MA Drag Race Te
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Are there any new ones to be added to this registry?

Lets keep it going folks. Surely there are others on here!!:)

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1995 V8 4.6L
K&N stock replacement.
Home ported MAF.
Home ported violin case.
bone stock:15.8's at 86 mph.
75 dry shot: 14.1's at 95 mph.
best 60 foot 1.99.

Then I bumped it up to 125 shot with a chip, and then I blew the motor.:zbash: :bawling: :redmad: :rant: :thumbsd: :zdunno: oh well, live and learn.

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yup, mods are in the sig and i will hopefully have some slips tonight if the weather holds out.

edit: times are in sig now, weather was crap last night. really humid and the track sucked.

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94 Cougar 4.6

PnP'd NPI's (97's)
PI cams
PI intake
96-7 upper conversion
80mm GT MAF
24# injectors
255lph fuel pump
SCT tuned
3200 TC
3.73/TL Rear

Stock block, rods, pistons

75 shot Zex dry kit

Best ET 13.4 hitting nitrous about 1/3 down the track
60' 1.76

Running MT's on stock 6.5" rims


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Year & Car: 97 Thunderbird LX, w/o sport package
Engine: Factory stock bottom end, heads, and cams
Mods: Densecharger CAI, Steeda U/D Pulleys, J-mod, Flip chip from Brian H, 4.10's, PI Intake
Type of Nitrous System: Dry kit, 75 shot
Brand of Nitrous System: Zex 75-125 horsepower kit for 96-98 4.6 Mustang
Best 1/4 E/T: 13.75 @ 100.02 mph
Best 1/8 E/T: 8.83 @ 79.50 mph
Best MPH: 14.03 @ 100.22
Best 60 ft.: 1.97

all numbers are on BFG Radial T/A street tires 215/70/15


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1994 T-bird SC
Engine: Factory Stock
Mods: K&N filter, ASP underdrive pullies, stock 1990 Blower pully, Pro M 75mm MAF, 3" mn12performance intake tube, 70mm Throttle body, 3/4" raised SC top, 900 cfm intercooler fan, 3.73 rear gears, tunned by Jerry (off the bottle).
Type of system: Zex dry kit running the 55 shot
Best to date:
60': 1.86
1/8: 8.63
1/4: 13.69
Speed: 96.6

Used BFG Drag Radials.

Got looking at some old posts and found this from a couple years back. Maybe it's time to update this.
60' 1.69
1/4: 12.47
Speed: 110.24 mph

Dynoed the car yesterday and made 370 rwhp and 416 torque. Oh how things have changed in a couple years.

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1995 Thunderbird LX

Engine: Factory Stock

Mods: Steeda Underdrives, 3.73 TL Rear End, 02 GT Intake Tube and MAF, Flip Chip Tuned By Blue Oval Chips, 190lph Fuel Pump, Aeromotive Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator. 100 HP Nitrous Jet.

Type of System: Zex Dry Kit 75-125hp Adj.

Best 1/4 Mile E.T: 15.11
Best 1/8 Mile E.T: 9.77
Best 1/4 Mile MPH: 95.35
Best 60': 2.2

All Run's made on Dayton Daytona SR Street Tires 235/60/15.

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Now we're getting somewhere!!!!! Looks like our "Little List" continues to grow.

Badbird 95, sounds to me like you hit it with too large a shot on a stock fuel system, too much timing and that ported MAF may not have kept the Fuel trim at the appropriate level.

Irregardless though, sorry you lost a motor. Hope you are getting the new set-up ironed out.

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i just pm'ed shadowdragon to see if he can make it a sticky thread so new nitrous users can see it as soon as they enter the nitrous forum. i never knew we had a nitrous registry or i woulda posted sooner.


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1991 Thunderbird SC

Engine mods:
Kooks med length headers w/jet hot ceramic coating
SCP down tubes & high flow cats
SCP exhaust with 3" center pipe
March polished aluminum underdrives
ESM 10 rib quick change pulley system
ESM 2.95, 2.84 and 2.75 dia 10 rib pulleys
Heartland 10 rib tensioner pulley
Wise Racing Engines balanced and blueprinted Short Block includes Ross pistons, CAT rods, Total seal rings, Clevite bearings, Custom cam 240/240 @ .050 .529/.529, APR main bearing and head studs, late model timing cover, BHJ dampener and a Melling high volume oil pump.
ESM/Wise Racing Engines Custom heads w/oversized intake ports, oversized valves, bronze guides, welded "D" shapped exhaust ports, PSI springs and Del West titianum retainers.
Crane chromoly pushrods
Comp Cam 1.65 ratio roller rockers
Custom 7/16" rocker studs and pushrod guides
4.2 liter multi layered stainless steel/ceramic head gaskets
ESM custom intake manifold with oversized intake ports and oversized intake adaptor opening
ESM ported and diffused intake manifold adaptor
MSD 50# injectors
255 lph FI fuel pump
6AN braided steel fuel supply line w/oversized filter
Magnum Powers 85mm TB
Magnum Powers 3.5" intake tube
Pro-M 87mm MAF
K&N 9" cone
Magnum Powers cool air divider
Custom torque strap
SCP solid motor mounts
Custom PVC valve oil trap filter
Taylor spiral core wires w/ NGK Iridium plugs
Auto meter dual gauge pillar pod
Auto meter full sweep fuel pressure gauge
Auto meter electric trans temp gauge
Billet Flow tensioner pulleys
ESM 10 rib overdrive jackshaft pulley
Magnum Powers MP II polished supercharger
Magnum Powers polished intake plenum
Magnum Powers polished 3/4" raised top
Apten dyno tuned custom flip chip
Robert Shaw 180 t-stat
Dual adjustable fan controllers
Magnum Powers Front mount IC w/dual fans
Griffin aluminum radiator
GM oversized air dam

Modifications: 3.73 gears
Lentech street terminator VB w/ OD delete
Lentech hardened 3-4 shaft
AOD performance rebuild (extra clutches and Kevlar OD band)
Dual B&M 24K GVW stack plate tranny coolers w/800 CFM fan
Lentech 9.5 non-locking 2700 stall converter
Lentech cast aluminum transmission pan

Modifications: Dante 17 x 9 Chrome Cobra Rs
Nitto 245-45-ZR17 front
Nitto 275-40-ZR17 rear
H&R lowering springs
Mr. Gasket rear spring spacers (1/2" lift)
Air Lift air bags, both sides
Solid Transmission Mount
M/T ET Drags 26 x 10.5 x 15 on LX wheels

Nitrous system:

NOS wet nitrous system adjustable 75-125 HP

Best ET & MPH :

11.619 @ 119.42 w/100 HP shot
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