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Hopefully the warmer weather will be here soon. What does everyone have planned for their rides? Mine so far:

8.8 rear pumpkin
SC/V8 half shafts
Johnny Langton chassis braces
99+ Mustang split port head swap
FordChip tune
Mager Thom's gauge pod


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99+ V6 Mustang Mac Headers
Downtubes and Catback exhaust, but Im not sure what, maybe SCP tubes and a flowmaster kit, dunno
B&M Ripper shifter
73mm C&L MAF
70mm BBK Throttle Body
SCP intake tube
maybe a raised top, leaning towards no right now
Eibach 1.5 springs
Bilstein shocks
3.27 gears out of my 96
17x9 cobra R's with 255/50 Nitto NT450's
maybe a 5% pulley and march underdrives
autometer boost and air fuel gauges
indiglo gauges from
and a pioneer p8400mp cd player

already ordered the headers, ripper (broke the stock one yesterday), autometer gauges and cd player . waiting to find out the best prices on most of the other parts. havent ordered the indiglos yet because i want a 140mph speedo, but they dont make an overlay for that...

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mine is shorter.

3.73 trac loc
18'' wheels
PBR Front Brakes
Drum to disc rear conversion
New interior
Intake Tube

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dangit. I've had my SC for a year more than you Matt and suddenly... you're going to have a much faster red SC than I do!

Well, at least I can argue that I had it first!

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18" wheels
Brake upgrade
cobra r hood
removing side panels (should i put the 94-5 strip on there to go along w/ the front and rear bumper covers or just leave it smooth?)
cervinis wing
paint - pearl white

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Mod list ..

Within the next couple months I plan to ..

Buy a more powerful Welder and Plasma cutter ( maybe just the welder for now )
Finish SWB Mark VIII ( or shorten it more, make it convertible .. undecided till I finish the other cars )
Install Mark VIII front air struts already modified for Liz's bird.
Install a set of 8 SMC 10mm Valves into Liz's bird for fully independant control of air suspension ( picking those up, plus a bunch of fittings for only $50 next week )
Clear 97 Corner marker's for Liz's bird.
Finish Fiberglassing Cervinis 93 hood for 97 headlights on Liz's bird. ( going to make a mold off a 94 hood first to match the curve first )
Install Fully electric sliding sunroof from Mark VIII into Liz's bird ( sitting in garage )
Take the stereo system out of my Bird and put it into my Chevy Blazer.
Install front air suspension into Blazer ( Parts already ordered, Slam specialties is on back order thats whats taking me so long )
Give my Jet-ski a tune up and pull the debris out of the intake.
Write a tech article for everything Ive been doing for the last 6 months =)
I may not finish everything by summer, but the air suspension will be completely done by spring.
Cement the dirt sides of my driveway so I can fit more cars.
I plan to start driving my bird again soon, then I may consider making a few modifications but the only one I really want is a 5 speed transmission.
And finally .. help all of my buddies with their projects ( 2 link rear suspension for Chevy S10, Rebuild 4.3 engine with busted rod, install front clip for a 64 Ford truck with 351 Cleveland and re-locate the gas tank ... )
I usually finish one project a week, depending on how much is involved.
Read TCCOA more often

And for 96-3.8LX, if you take your side molding off, leave it smooth, otherwise dont take the 96 sides off.

- Dan


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Finish exhaust
98 GT heads with PI cams
3.73s (maybe 4.10s)
3000stall TCI Street Fighter
The Man's Dyno tune w/ 80mm GT MAF

13s by the end of August or bust!:headbang: :znanner:

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Re: Mod list ..

Dan said:
And for 96-3.8LX, if you take your side molding off, leave it smooth, otherwise dont take the 96 sides off.
i like the looks of them off on the pre 96 models, but ive never seen a 96-7 model with smooth sides. the front and rear bumper covers have the contour in them that the 94-5 side strip things would match perfectly. just wanted some opinions, thanks :)

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Vortech supercharger @ 11psi
MMX driveshaft from the group purchase
SC rear half-shafts
42# injectors
255lph fuelpump
new 275/40 R17 rear tires
Custom built Full lenght headers
3000rpm PI converter
Fordchip tune
And a Big smile from Ear to Ear when My 3.8L is running deep 13's

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Bullitt Replicas shod with 245/50-17s
T-62 turbo

that should take care of most of my spending money.

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my list...

now that i have a new job working at a 1/4 mile race track, i can put that money towards my mods. they are:

get exhaust done (hopefully this friday)
UD pulley
8.8" w/ 3.73s (possibly an aluminum case) and half shafts
mk8 alum DS
96/97 headers, egr tube, etc
clean yellow headlights or get new ones
possible valvetrain upgrade (cam, roller rockers, etc)
possibly getting upper and lower intakes from junkyard and begin p/p them

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As the list goes right now:

the month of March -

- 255lph fuel pump
- '99 Shortblock
- PI cams (THE ERSONS ARE GONE!!!! :D )
- ARP Head Studs
- 100-125hp shot of Nitrous
- Mark VIII TC and Flywheel
- Dyno Tune (If its ready)

This Spring/summer -

- Fix the interior
- Drag Slicks
- 3.73 gears
- Driveshaft
- better halfshafts
- And do something with the suspension

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I noticed that you needed a 73MM C&L, and it is calibrated for 24s............

do you want to pick it up for a good price??

I might know where i can get you some 24s with about 2500 miles on them

LEt me know

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Paint Job, fixing all the dents and cracked things (custom front end)
Removing all chrome in cladding and bumpers for full color when repainted...
Eibachs & Tock's (already have)
JBA's (already have)
MSD Coil packs
MSD Wires
3.73 Gears
True dual exhaust catless
Spintech Mufflers
Tune in September
Cougar 7 spoke rims (on the way)
Relocate Battery
Hookup Gauges
Relocate Oil Filter
Bracing (if money is left, probably winter time)
PI Cams (maybe not till winter)
PNP Heads (maybe not till winter)

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Parts waiting to be put on:

80mm Lightning MAF
30lb Injectors
65mm Throttle Body
Transmission conversion to 4R70W
28,000 GVW B&M Cooler to replace 19,000 unit

Parts buying this week:

94/95 GT 3G Alternator
Romac SFI harmonic damper

Parts buying in the next month or two:

3400 stall TC from DR
4.10 Trak-Lok Pumpkin
MMC Driveshaft from DR
18" Y2K Cobra wheels
96/97 Stock or Cowl hood

After that it's off to get tuned.


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My mod wish list

Body work
shave: deck lid and lights, antenna, emblems, side panels, and door handles.
new wheels
retint windows
new shocks
tranny cooler
replace shfter
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