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Cobra Intake
custom spacer ~2" tall, its been milled a little to make sure it is completely flat.
lower long runners have been welded closed and the radius has been smoothed to the short side. the intake has been ported a great deal. see photo's

has adapter plates from KarKraft that allows you to use this Cobra intake on 5.4L heads

Will include the Aeromotive fuel rails. intake has brackets to help hold the fuel rails/injectors down.

pictures below show everything inside and out on this intake, please check them out.

I would like to sell everything as a whole, but will separate the rails and adapters if needed.

adapter plates sold.
intake without adapters and rails: $450
Rails: $85
prices do not include shipping.

call or email for more info.

cobra-intake pictures by perrace - Photobucket
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