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There was a bad wreck at one of the local dragstrips yesterday. I though you guys might be interested in hearing about.

The Mooresville Dragway is an 1/8th mile track and is located about a half-hour drive from my house.

Mooresville Dragway Top Eliminator accident.

I have a few pictures, but will not be able to load them up till I get my main PC Back.

Chuck Martin, 2009 Top Eliminator Mooresville Track champion crashed today.

He has a BBC Dragster, car runs mid 4's 1/8 MILE.

It appears his throttle stuck, why he did not kill the engine or pull the shoots is something only he can answer. And also something you can not question if your not in his seat.

Car went threw the traps at 147 mph, never slowed.

Car went off the the end of the pavement.

From the end of the pavement it appears the car did not touch the ground for several feet (more than 100) Then went threw a bob wire fence, then the front end went into the ground, car flew well over 25 feet in the air. Landing more than 1/4 mile away from where the pavement ends.

If anyone is familiar with the track, this is the second field past the shut down area.

Car & engine drive train did break apart.

He was air lifted to hospital, he was alert.

He has bad facial lacerations from the bob wire, broken left arm, broken right leg. And back and neck compressions.

He was alert, and complained about pain.

He was in trapped in the car by the steering, took over 35 min for rescue to show up, and then another 30 to free him. It was just over a hour before he was air lifted from the track.

I was there, I am sure rumors will travel.

He is hurt very bad with these compound fractures. I just hope all we could see is all.

I wish him well and will have Chuck in my prayers.

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yeah i was there. Chuck Martin in a 4.80 dragster I guess lost his brakes or either his throttle hung, dont know that yet. But he went thru the fence into the cow pasture at the end of the track. His car was torn into 3 pieces and he was stuck inside. They took over an hour to get him cut out and he was complaining of neck, shoulder, back, and chest pains. So the chopper came in and airlifted him out. They sent a report back to the track later that he had broken his left leg, arm, crushed some vertebrate in his back, and had some bruising to the side of his face. Still complaining of chest pain.

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my father used to race and i watched him almost burn to death. its a terrible thing to have to watch and not be able to do anything. anyways im glad to hear he was alert and complaining about pain, because that is better than being numb and paralyzed. sorry to hear anybody go through such a thing and i hope for a fast recovery and no disabilities
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