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I'm still trying to figure out where to go with this shuddering tranny.
1) Here's a link to some "Shudder Fix". Has anyone used this and does it work? I thought the shuddering was a failure in the TC, but wasn't sure.
2) When I changed the fluid (2 times), each time I found what I thought to be a decent amount of shavings. Can I get away with replacing the Accum. Pistons, TC, Jerry Mod, and possibly doing the EEC update or this "Shudder Fix"? OR do I need to ge with a complete rebuild? Are these shavings from the failing TC?
3) Where can I get a good TC? I'm not really thrilled about buying an AUTOZONE rebuilt TC.
4) IF I do have to go with a complete rebuild, where is the best place to get one?

Thanks for all the help so far.
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Have you tried doing a FULL Mercon V flush? I don't mean just dopping the pan, I mean a complete flush. A lot of guys who switch over to Mercon V, instantally fix their shuddering problems. Good luck.
My 92 TC shuddered at 85k, then shuddering went away with nothing done. TCC ultimately began slipping, so I had to replace the TC, but I've never heard that shudder does any harm beyond annoying the driver.

BTW I used a custom rebuilt TC from Wingfield Performance in MN.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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