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1996 Mercury Cougar XR-7
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We are running 4.6L motor with a T45 out of a 1996 Mustang.
We used/modified the clutch pedal, pedal box, cam, cable, throw-out arm, transmission, clutch, and pressure plate all out of the Mustang.

The major issue we ran into when performing this swap on our LeMons car was getting a clutch pedal to work. We extensively modified our brake pedal assembly to graft the cable clutch pedal assembly out of a Mustang onto it. Getting the pedal in a usable position that has the correct travel for the cable and get it all routed around the massive brake booster was well over a weekends worth of trial and error.

The shifter will end up about 10" forward of where the auto shifter sits.

You will also need to shorten the drive shaft by 0.5-1.0". The MN12 cross-member can be re-used by just slotting a few holes.

You will have to remove the IAC or else it will try and hold rpm and generally act unpredictably. We glued the PNDRL sensor into either park or neutral, can't remember which. Not the right way to do it but it works good enough on the race car and didn't require an expensive tune.

Clutch cable routing on the PS of the brake booster.

Clutch Cable routing on PS of brake booster, getting this lined up with the cam on the pedal to get a straight pull thru the firewall was rather difficult. the clutch cable in this picture is the black plastic cable that has a yellow zip tie around it in the bottom of the image.

This image shows the cam for the clutch cable has been moved to the PS of the steering column to get around the brake booster. You can see the bolt we are using to limit the pedal travel and reduce over extending the throw-out arm.

This image shows the mustang cable clutch pedal box grafted onto the MN12 brake pedal box

This is where the pedals end up sitting in the car, there is still plenty of room to the left of the clutch pedal for a dead pedal. The brake pedal pad was moved to better fit between the other pedals. The Mustang clutch pedal was also cut and the angle changed to allow the needed travel while keeping it roughly in line with the other pedals. The Mustang indexing between the clutch pedal and the Cam was not correct and the pedal would hit the floor before you could get a full pull on the cable.

This picture shows where the shifter of the T45 comes thru the floor. we have a 6" swan neck on the shifter to get it to a position where it can be reached by the driver.
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