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Hi all.

Skip this paragraph if you want the low down. For story please read.

Ok I was looking at my car and I finally washed it after a nice chicago winter. It has been a week now and I am noticing it getting dirtier on the bottom behind the wheels faster than the rest of the car(looks like mud splash but I do not drive in mud or gravel so it puzzles me except when I think about the road work they are doing along my drive). Now I recently went gung ho on my birds sport wheels and used some armor all wheel cleaner(opinions on this would be nice also because I think it has bad chemicals in it). It got the brake dust out but I still see off color strips. I than tried some chrome polish stuff by mothers and it looked like it did nothing. So now I have a few qustions

1 Whats the best way to get rid of the off color streaks on my wheels? (they look like they are one shade lighter than the rest of the wheel)
2 What is the size of the mud flaps I am going to need? (I was thinking about these since my Bird is white).
3 I was hoping to get opinions of how the white ones may look and also opinions on the white ones vs. the original ones with the T-Bird symbol on them.

Thanks to anyone who responds to this.
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