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mustang dual exhuast

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could i get a mustang dual exhuast to fit. i got the 2 mufflers and 2 chrome tips of a mustang. i know i could have muffler man make them fit. i plan on cutting the whole exhaust off and not putting the cats or resonater on . im just going to have the mustang mufflers and tips with pipe running. would this sound good? i think it will sound pretty good tell me what you think and maybe when i get it done i can tell what it sounds like or put it on here.
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sounds like you answered your own question on fitment. :D

its not even close to a simple bolt on. you are looking at all new pipe, nothing on the mustang exhaust bends the way it would on an MN12. IHMO, there is nothing from a mustang exhaust system worth using on a tbird, cougar or MarkVIII
Your exhaust guy would spend more time making the Mustang exhaust system work than building you a new one from scratch.

why are you digging up 7 month old threads?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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