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I got arthritis of the spine and my pain management doctor decided to all of a sudden retire leaving me without my meds that I have been taking for 5 years plus.

Needless to say I am not doing well.

Hence: the absence and another lost job due to pain and no meds

The U.S. today is sickening when you need pain meds

its outright ludicrous

so after a month or two of trying to get clerks to fax my records and so far they still havent done it

and waiting a week for approval and then another month for appointment

which still hasnt happened

I am not well

hope everyone is better than me

im not ignoring anyone

Im not doing well

hope to be back soon

til then

Merry Christmas

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ok well my pain management doctor decided to retire and left me without my meds

doctors dont care

im hurting badly and it takes along time to find a new one and i cant even get them to fax my records

the U.S. is really bad when you need class 2 narcotics to quell your pain

everyone acts like you're some kind of criminal junkie trying to get drugs

UHHHHHHHHH NO !!!!!!!!!!

I'm just trying to live


the junkies have ruined it for legal citizens trying to get meds for pain

its friggin ridiculous

and ive lost my job due to pain because a thoughtless doctor who doesn't give a rats arse
about his patients who actually need meds to make it through a day to work
to help my 82 year old heart patient father
my 79 year old M.S. mother etc.

god im so mad

its like a third world country trying to get pain meds in U.S. priorities have changed for awhile

MERRY CHRISTMAS my fellow Ford fanatics

my mom is calling now
it was bad day
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