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'Twas the night before Christmas and out in the garage,
There wasn't a trace of a Chevy, or Dodge.

The presents were wrapped and under the tree,
except that is, for the ones marked "for me".
Deciding to put a few onto my ride,
I grabbed my new mods and I slipped right outside.

In the shop I'd just gone and lifted the hood,
When a voice back behind me said "Hey ... that looks pretty good!"
As you can imagine, I turned around quick,
And there by my workbench, stood good 'ol Saint Nick!

We stood talking a while before I heard him say,
"I don't 'spose you'd trade me your bird for my sleigh?"
I said "NO WAY Santa" then I smiled and grinned,
"But if you've got a few minutes we could go out for a spin!"

As the reindeer stood watching, I fired it up,
I drove a few blocks and then I lit 'em up!
The torque and performance took Nick by surprise,
You could tell that he liked it, by that gleam in his eyes.

With tires a-spinnin' and tail-pipes aglow,
We headed on out where all drag racers go.
Santa's grin widened when we rolled thru the gates,
he said, "what's it run? ... I'll bet it's low 12.28's!"

"Make a pass with it Santa," ... "run it up through the gears",
"It the most fun you'll have in the next 20 years."
As his ran through the traps and shifted to drive,
I heard, "This is totally cool", and "I've never felt so alive!"

He came back to the pits, and gave me the keys,
as he walked past the headlights he shook at the knees!
As we drove back to town, Santa said once or twice,
"What a sweet car", "bet it really eats rice!"

Gettin' back home Santa knew he was late,
so he just said, "Merry Christmas ... The ride, was just great!"
"Take good care of that bird from it's head to it's tail,
and give me a call ...... if it's ever for sale!!!"

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Fuel man said:
You got it wrong man!
I ment it 's beautiful:bawling:

Fuel man~~~
I knew that! :D

I Guess I should have said, "C'mon It wasn't THAT bad ......
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