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I finished my TIG welded mandrel bent 2.5" dual exhaust set up yesterday.
I cut every thing off from the rear O2 sensors and went with 2.5 duals and a 2" crossover. I then used 2 Flowmasters at the back. I was running a single 3" all the way back to the mufflers. The car seams to have better throttle response down low but now it doesn't feel like it has the same burst of power at 4500rpms that it did with the single 3". I know this is sounds back wards from what it should be.

I'm not sure if I have lost top end power or not. Like I said the car feels like it has the same or more torque down low.

Too big ? I was thinking this might be too much exhaust but I figured with the stock 2 cats at the front that would give me enough back presure.

I plan to be blown soon so this was to be a exhaust I could "grow into"
All I have to do now is get some high-flow cats when the short block and blower happens.
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