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not quite functional yet...



Front valves mounted to the front bumper re-enforcement

All thats left is wiring the compressors and switches...

and mounting the front and rear bags...

Got some nice new AIM industries front struts, which will put me alot lower than the mark VIII bags i had before. That combined with bigger bags in the rear, 200 PSI, and all 1/2" hydraulic line, oh, and a nitrogen bottle in the trunk. should put this air system well over the top. No more being stranded cause of shady wiring. or blown airlines. Since building these air setups professionally ive learned alot, and will be applying this knowledge to my newest setup.

Cant wait to post some vids of it in action in the next couple weeks...

this is all going in my blue 94 LX by the way. not the sc in my sig that i just sold
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