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I bought this last year, but just started to drive it. It is a 1991 tbird v8 sport.
Basically i want it to be a lot faster, but not to fast that i want to pay too much for gas.
(I already have a car for drag racing a 1986 Monte Carlo, and i may get a enging of about 468 cid)

Basically, I wish i still had my truck that had a 351w ho that i was getting 0-60 mph times of ~6 seconds in a heavy f250 but i sold it for 500$ so im ok

I my car is bone stock except for k&n cone. I was thinking of maybe cleavlend heads, and a hotter cam. That would be a ways off. Right now i just want to make it run perfect and be very driveable.
My list right now is
1) Full tune up Fix any problems
2) Cold Air
3) Body Work
4) Interior
5) Rear gears
6) Upgrade suspension and Brakes
7) Rebuild Engine
8) Upgrade Engine while rebuilding
9) More Engine Upgrades
10) 5 (or maybe 6) speed tranny Or rebuild

Anyone have any ideas on where to start or what to do... Im not really sure i am more of a Chevy (Car) Guy (But a ford truck), but i really like thunderbirds and i figured i would build this up. Right now i am seeing it as being kinda pricey, but itd be worth it.
Keep in mind i may use this for some Drag racing, but i would like to build this to handle better than it would be fast, in fact i would like to build this for track racing.
I want it to be very drivable because it would probobly be a daily driver, but i want it to be fast and handle well, oh and to embarrass and harras every stupid ricer car in my area.
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