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n/a power

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what engine mods would it take to run 12.50 to 13.00 this is what i have got so far, ported npi heads, pi intake, pi or 262 comp cams, headers, flat top pistons, 99 j-mod trans, 4.10 gears, going to get a 3400 converter, tune from lonnie. going to be running this is the mod, no box class at my local 1/4 track what i am looking for is to keep it consistent. thanks for any help
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what's no box mean? also how willing are you to lose weight from the car? (extra seats.etc) if you were willing to backhalf i bet u'd be close
Needs more gear, more stall, more forged rods, more cam than PI for sure.

The tune is very important for us due to our transmission.
raceman408 said:
pi or 262 comp cams

You don't know which you have?

If you want to be consistent, and constantly beat on it.....
Get a transmission from Darrin and tranny cooler and oil cooler, all of those fun things if you're going to beat on it, or running it hard for a constant amount of time.
you dont know what u have

i have pi, i am trying to find a set of 262
Does anyone make Independent Throttle Bodies for the 4.6?
I was able to get my 96 down into the 12's....check out my sig
except you're running a 75 shot of nitrous, and the title of this thread is "n/a power" :D
coggonobrien said:
what's no box mean?
Foot Brake/No Electronics ET Racing
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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