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Hey guys, I'm a n00b...I come from the Volvo turbo side of things.

At the risk of sounding like a total idiot ;), I've got a couple questions.

First, what fuel system do you guys use? Also, someone I know is wanting to know the specs on the Lucas brown top replacement injectors (black body with blue stripe in the center).

I've been a member of the Volvo turbo community for about 3 years, and more recently, some of us have been stealing your fuel injectors ;) to use on our cars. Oddly enough, they're pretty much a drop-in-and-go upgrade...

I've got them on my rig, and so far I love 'em...I can run 17psi all day with no ping, even with spikes to 18psi, on the stock IC at that. (some non-volvo people like our IC's, but really, they're not all that great - even if they are f'in huge. We prefer the NPR large IC's as they're vastly more efficient than our stock IC's, and they're pretty much a drop-in-and-go upgrade, with only a little modification required to the hot-side hose and the oil cooler bracket) They flow quite nicely, at about 38lbs/hr on our 3bar fuel rails. With the stock Volvo "green top" injectors (bosch PN 0 280 150 357, 29lb/hr on 3bar), it'd ping occasionally at 13psi if I romped on it nicely.

Pics of my rig are here:

and if anyone's curious, here's the article I wrote on turbobricks about the browntops:

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