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alright eliminated another thing today it could have been.

so far i have replaced:

Upper and lower ball joints (whole controll arms)
Strut rod bushings
Shocks and springs
and today i just did the shock mounts.

well it actually kinda made the rattle worse, or it is the fact i put the cobras back on.

but while i had the springs and shocks off i noticed the sway bar end links were very very loose. they were replaced before i got the car because they have grease fittings, but my car currently has 135K miles on it, so working in a shop i know that the first set of sway bar endlinks usually go bad between 60-70K miles (around here at least because of crappy roads) so i was thinking it is time for a second set to be replaced?

any reccommendations?



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replace them, if they have any play they will rattle like crazy, i went through three sets of swaybar endlinks since 2002 on the 92, sorry but i dunno about how many miles per set because the odo don't work.
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