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Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

The National Association of Letter Cariers, in conjuction with the United States Postal Service, will be collecting non-perishable food items like canned meats, soup, juice, pasta, vegetables, cereal and rice on Saturday May 14 to help families in need in our community.

You can help by placing your food donation at your mailbox on May 14 before your letter carrier arrives. It will be taken to the post office and then deleivered to a local food bank or pantry. Please do not include out of date items or those in glass containers.

My father is a mail carrier and tomorrow I will be following him on his route in my car (not the bird) picking up the donations. I have been helping with this in one way or another since I was ten.

I realize this isn't much notice, but you only have to walk out to your mailbox.
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