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need a little help

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little story about my now @@@@'ed up car

I was going to a ford dealer 2 days ago and on my way home I side swipe a baby blue Pole (didn’t see when backing up, it matched the sky I guess?)

Here is how it went,

I see my rear view driver side mirror explode (scared the !!!! out of me!)
Glass fly's over hood onto driveway,
I see the poll and pack out of the way from it,
I get out thinking oh well could have been worse and picked up my mirror,
I turned to put the mirror in the back seat when I see the whole driver's side scuffed and scratched all over.

I’m now like "[email protected]#$%@#%@#$%@#^&*&*#$%[email protected]#%&&**^#Q$#[email protected]#$&&*$$^&*$%%&***&()&*(&*&*((&*(&*(&*(%$^#$%^#[email protected]#^@@^$$^^#%$#^&**&&*&*&*&*%$#^$^%#$^&$&%^&^&^&^&^#%@[email protected]#%$#!##%$#%#$%@#%@%&*()_*(_+*(_&*$%^#[email protected]^#$%^#^#$^#^#$^#^#^#$^ ,
after that I go home.

I clean up most the scratches and it wasn't that bad just a big dent right before the door and a bunch of wrinkles and the door was, well, FUBAR.
I decided it will be easier to replace the door skin than to fix it, but I had to do some thing about that dint, so I take off the plastic backseat armrest and push, hammer, and pry but, it no worky. so I get a plunger, no worky, I get a big marble plunger that carries 70 pound marble stones, it no worky, so screw it, I’ll get bondo
and fill it, so I do and it looks like, um, sh!te.
I go to Macco and they told me $500 would fix it, if it takes all day.
I say OK I’ll be back in a month or two.
then I go to a junk yard I ask "do you have a driver side door skin for a 1994 cougar XR7? " wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait ancer---> yes
how much is it? wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait ancer---> $350
I say good by.

now, how much can I get a door or door skin for my car? I don't care what color it is because I’m painting the car black soon after it's fixed.
and is there a cheaper way to get that dint out below the rear side window?
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not one person knows were i can get a good deal on body parts, other than from a
junk yard?
and if a junk yard is my only choice what should i look for when buying a new door or doo skin?
Dunno where exactly you could find a new skin, but if you're buying used - you're getting a whole door, including locks, windows, window motors, etc.

Buying a skin won't be cheap either - that's for sure, and then you have to go to all the trouble of swaping guts over.

Do check out THIS site: - it lists all computer inventoried parts, and has TONNES of doors :)!

However, I'm not doing the searching for you - that's your job.

Good luck, and I'm sorry to hear about your 'oops'!

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Sounds like you sould repair the rear quarter, and replace the door. you can use any mn12 door, and just swap over the trimmings.
you cant use any mn12 door.... there are a few types... 89 - 93 w/ chrome trim, 89 - 93 w/o chrome trim, then there are 94 - 95, then 96- 97s with color matched door handles. i dont know if any 94 - 97s came with chrome trim, i dont realyl recall any that do, but i might be wrong on that. 89 - 93 have a different handle on the inside than the 94 - 97s. -greg
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