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little story about my now @@@@'ed up car

I was going to a ford dealer 2 days ago and on my way home I side swipe a baby blue Pole (didn’t see when backing up, it matched the sky I guess?)

Here is how it went,

I see my rear view driver side mirror explode (scared the !!!! out of me!)
Glass fly's over hood onto driveway,
I see the poll and pack out of the way from it,
I get out thinking oh well could have been worse and picked up my mirror,
I turned to put the mirror in the back seat when I see the whole driver's side scuffed and scratched all over.

I’m now like "[email protected]#$%@#%@#$%@#^&*&*#$%[email protected]#%&&**^#Q$#[email protected]#$&&*$$^&*$%%&***&()&*(&*&*((&*(&*(&*(%$^#$%^#[email protected]#^@@^$$^^#%$#^&**&&*&*&*&*%$#^$^%#$^&$&%^&^&^&^&^#%@[email protected]#%$#!##%$#%#$%@#%@%&*()_*(_+*(_&*$%^#[email protected]^#$%^#^#$^#^#$^#^#^#$^ ,
after that I go home.

I clean up most the scratches and it wasn't that bad just a big dent right before the door and a bunch of wrinkles and the door was, well, FUBAR.
I decided it will be easier to replace the door skin than to fix it, but I had to do some thing about that dint, so I take off the plastic backseat armrest and push, hammer, and pry but, it no worky. so I get a plunger, no worky, I get a big marble plunger that carries 70 pound marble stones, it no worky, so screw it, I’ll get bondo
and fill it, so I do and it looks like, um, sh!te.
I go to Macco and they told me $500 would fix it, if it takes all day.
I say OK I’ll be back in a month or two.
then I go to a junk yard I ask "do you have a driver side door skin for a 1994 cougar XR7? " wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait ancer---> yes
how much is it? wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait ancer---> $350
I say good by.

now, how much can I get a door or door skin for my car? I don't care what color it is because I’m painting the car black soon after it's fixed.
and is there a cheaper way to get that dint out below the rear side window?

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not one person knows were i can get a good deal on body parts, other than from a
junk yard?
and if a junk yard is my only choice what should i look for when buying a new door or doo skin?
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