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its for a fram filter. im doing an oil change today and i need something that will work. i know fram isnt the first choice of filter that you guys would buy. this filter wont be on my car for very long, im just changing the oil to fill up the pan due to a leak somewhere. so what is the correct part number for a fram oil filter for our cars?

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From Fram's site:

1993 FORD Thunderbird

Type Brand Name Part # Notes
ExtraGuard PH3600
ToughGuard TG3600
DoubleGuard DG3600
X2 XG3600
Air Filters CA6555
Misc. Filters ----------
Fuel Filters G7596
PCV Valves FV243
Transmission Filters FT1056
Trans. Modulators ----------
FRAM AirHog PPA6555

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yeah we use a lot of 3600 at the Lube, works for 3.0, 3.8, 3.9, 4.2
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