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1990 Supercoupe

i just let the cooling system drain and then opened up the tube thing by the thermostat that says "remove during coolant refill" so i removed it and added the flush treatment and then as i was adding water from a gallon jug it was already full!! after only 1 gallon of water and little bit of flush treatment!!

so i put the radiator cap back on and the other plug back in, started it up and thought it would circulate through the system. shut the SC off. Theres nothing in the overflow resivoir.....and when i popped of the radiator cap there was barely any pressure after running for 2 minutes............Heres what gets me........i unscrewed the plug thing by the thermostat this time and foam is coming out!!!?!?!!? not oily or anything like that......just white foam??!!???

whats goin on here?
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