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Hey everyone, not sure if any of ya know about the upcoming Morana V6 Ford Challenge event this coming May 24th in St. Thomas, Ontario ( see for info or Feb 03 issue of MMFF for last years race) . We are gonna have t-shirts available at this years race but we desparately need help in designing one, is anyone here good at photoshop or designing a race logo or a good picture for the shirt? Here is a copy of the post I have put on other forums asking for help.

I need help making a t-shirt design for the Morana V6 Ford Challenge t-shirt, we are looking for a good picture for the front and most likely a good slogan for the back or vice versa, either way Milan and I suck at Photoshop so could someone make a cool design for the t-shirt and help us out? Not sure how we want the shirt to look as I mentioned so we may also put a RACE LOGO on the front if someone can make one that is cool, and then maybe a slogan on the back or picture on the back, give me your ideas and pics and we'll decide from there.
I really need to get going on this design though so I can have the t-shirts made up ahead of time and I don't want to wait till the last minute and then not have them ready.

We also decided not to use a sponsor list for the t-shirt since we do not know who ALL will be sponsoring and like last year we had a few back out, one sponsor 4 days before the race too so no sponsor list, but if anyone has any other ideas please let us know.

Thanks for your help guys!
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