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well after 1400 miles i have found anotehr coolant leak, well i havent really "found" it. today while i was in walmart for about 15 minutes , i came out to find a huge puddle of coolant under my car , so i popped my hood and found my coolant resivoire to be empty , so i qiuckly drove home and filled the resivore up i puyt my car on a little lift i made and saw coolant dripping by the oil drain plug. i got under but the coolant had steam coming off it so i didnt get udner all the way. is it safe to drive like this ? the radiator didnt loose coolant. i have no idea if there is a hose there or something , but im a little worried to drive it but i have to , so ill just keep checking my fluid and stuff , ill check back later tonight , thanks guys

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could be :

weep hole under water pump
rotten freeze plugs (been there)
lose upper or lower hose
leaking at thermostat
front timing cover
hole in your overflow hose
cracked overflow tank
heater hoses
radiator itself - sometimes the plastic tanks leak at seam.

thats all I could think of.
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