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Well, I junked the HID's I had and projectors and everything. I did get them to work, but the rippled lens on the 95 style headlight looked horrible. Plus I only had lows.

I am going a different route untill I can get my hands on another set. Along with 96-97 style lights.

I just picked up a 4-bulb (H4) harness with 2 30amp relays which all wires to the battery.. After alittle research with the harness I can simply cut the h4 connectors off and wire the 9007 harnesses's up and wire a common ground in.

Then, wire a fused wire to one stock 9007 harness. (i wish they made 9007 male sockets.)

Anyways pretty much all i am asking is what is red/blk high and grn/blk low? I know the center wire is ground.:D

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