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Ok guys, replaced my u-joints 2-3 months ago, all was good - for the most part. Every since the begining days of the PI swap, I have gotten a low idle in gear only, 500 RPM, but I swear my vacuum lines are fine. And I have heard this "clicking" noise too. It was only in gear when i got above 2500 RPM, but now it is WAY worse. It happens at 1500 RPM+ and vibrations are coming back, and the clicking noise - HORRIBLE! I do not think it is a problem in the motor. About 5 mins ago I was on the interstate at about 65 MPH, and I was about 1/3 throttle. The clicking noise was horrible, and my ramp was coming up, so i shifted it into neutral and left the gas in. As soon as it went in neutral it felt like the motor "unlocks" and revs quick, sounds deep, and real throaty - no clicking at all, and it went up to like 4K! While the car is in gear, say 50-65 mph and accelerating, it stays at like 1300 RPM the whole time, bogging a little as i give it more gas until it finally downshifts, grabs hard and gives that good old PI pull. Does this sound anything like a bad torque converter? I know very little about transmissions and how they work.

The car has no where near the same get up and go as it did the day i cleaned my MAF. It has progressively gotten worse, and I really take care of my bird.

Now, my question, do I go ahead and buy a 03 marauder conver and have a shop install? Or could there be something else wrong with my tranny? I need this car on the road i work 40 hrs a week 65 miles away in the bay......

I am so close to ordering the converter via dan....what do you guys think? thanks for any opinions help you can give.....
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