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Ok ladies and gentlemen. I KNOW this is a car site, and I know this isn't exactly a masculine, mechanical type of thing. (maybe I should put this in "PC")

Anyway, I have been working on a project for a couple months now. Its one of a few online businesses I am planning. This is the first. It is a retail website that is selling...... well....... just look. I'd like some opinions, thoughts, event tips.

I'd like to know what guys looking to buy this product for their ladies are looking for. The site isn't taking orders yet. I'm working on getting it set up to take credit cards.

Should warn you if you're at work. This site sells ladies lingerie, and does have photos of same. it is NOT a porn site, but still some businesses may not approve of employees looking to buy stuff on company time.

Click here

Wouldn't mind other suggestions for products that might sell well on the internet.

(yea, yea, I know thunderbird parts)
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