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what do you guys think of the polk db sieries 6x8 i installed them in the front and rear and to me they sound great ive had many sterio systems in the past in all my cars ive had speakers from may compays starting from way back in the day when pyle drivers were good speaker
to haveing planet audio subs and comps.
ive had sonys and hated them
had jensen subs and was suprized at their xs sub line
had fosgates
had kickers
and many others
right now i run 2 alpine 12" type s dvc @2 ohms each in a q-logic ported box i used to have the in a sealed box and hate them both ways
i have a dhd 1600 watt max @2 ohm amp with a matching dhd 600 watt max @2 ohm 4 channel amp for my polk db sieries 6x8's
my deck is a indash dvd player with 7" touch screen from dual i cant believe how it sounds i was suprized and the video quality is great and the deak has tons op options ie xm, ipod controls, line in, front rear and sub pre-outs, rear camera input,video outputs for two additional monitors, and more and for $420.01 out the door price it couldnt be beat
but all in all im happy with the system all except the subs for several reasons
1. the cons are delaminating (subs have 2 cones glued together)
2. dont have the sound i was looking for

when i am finish wireing up my second amp i will take pics
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