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Hello Fellow MN-12 people. :)

This is not MN-12 related, but, I trust many of the 4.6L people around here. I don't feel comfortable posting over @ MTC just yet (not smart enough) and I don't really like dealing with the people at Corral, so I figure I'd just stay here....

Anyway, a friend of mine has a 2000 Ford Mustang GT with a 4R70W. The only modifications are a K&N filter in the stock location, Flowmaster mufflers, and a Bassani X pipe (with cats).

The car had an issue with the Bassani and threw a code. MIL elims have apparently gotten rid of that issue. Then, the car was throwing a code that ended up being an EVAP problem. I gave my friend some suggestions, and he "found a loose hose at the charcoal canister."

Now, the car is giving him trouble again. I got a message from him...

it surges when the a/c is on and at a stop/idle.. and the gas odor is ehn she shifts from 2nd to 3rd.. its gets really strong... but it doesnt smell like exhaust.. more like raw fuel
(direct quote, no spell check).

I will probably clean his MAF tomorrow when I get a hold of him, but I honestly have no idea what could be causing the car to act this way.

Anyone have any ideas or suggested areas to look at (check plugs for stuck injector, check ____ for leaks, etc.)

Thanks for your help!!!
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