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RAYBESTOS professional Part #'s 7171845R, 7171845L

Bought these from rock auto this week and put them on the 94. I know alot of people say the professional series are ok so I installed them yesterday. A few things I've found,

1. Rock auto was perfect. Shipped on time and cost was right at $200 for both complete assemblies.
2. Went to install and the left one's boot was not installed properly, had to fiddle with it a little but managed to fix it.
3. The three nuts that come with them are junk. One stripped out installing it (only 23 ft.lbs). Curiously they bolt on with a #12 and the ones I removed were #13s.

Overall they they really improved the ride over the old ones but they are a little soft. For a cheaper assembly they seem to be worth the money. Will post if I have any trouble.
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