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I don't know why I put on another used one, but the old one was messed up pretty bad from a previous collision with a sewer drain.

I spent ALL DAY with the car on a lift (courtesy of my step dad) taking bolts off and what not with him.

Tie Rods, yadada, all a freaking pain in the butt.

So, the next time you think about taking one of those turns faster than normal, take it from me (if you're not a mechanic with access to a shop) don't take it and make the mistake I did, your wallet will be thanking you (1500$ Labor for just the installation of it).

I also think the dipcrackers down the road at time it lube didn’t align my car right at all, the right wheel is now further back than what it was with the horribly bent messed up original sub frame, perhaps I should go to another place in Shreveport?
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