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finally got some time to get away and head off to the track. running street tires

best time of the night was..... ill get a pic tomorrow of the time slip, as well as some videos.

reaction .2679

60 ft 2.0161

330ft 5.7099

1/8 et 8.7311

1/8 mph 79.90

1/4 et 13.5070

1/4 mph 102.55

im having some issues out on the big end. in 3rd @ 5,000 to 5,500 rpm the convertor unlocks and smacks the rev limiter. its doing the same thing at the track as it did on the dyno.

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Thats good on the street tires with the issues and first time out with it.

You can pull better 60's than that on the street tires though so you need to work on that. Still a good job.

Give me a shout.
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