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NEW & UNUSED LX SC OEM & Aftermarket Brakes & Suspension Parts - KYB, H&R, Motorcraft

Unfortunately I haven't had the time that I used to have to get the bird back on the road so I have decided to keep what I've built (1990 LX converted to a V8) and sell the rest. My original post that lists everything is located in the Ontario forum and can be found here: SC & LX PARTS FOR SALE - Stock & Aftermarket

The springs have since been sold but the shocks are still available.

Pictures of all the items listed below and more can be found here:

Here's a list of the LX and SC brake and suspension components:

- KYB GR2 Shocks $200
- X-Drilled/Slotted/Zinc plated rotors for all 4 corners $200
--- 1989-1990 LX/SC front discs
--- 1989-1992 SC rear discs
- Motorcraft brake pads $80
--- 1989-1990 LX/SC front pads
--- 1989-1992 SC rear pads
- Classic Tube stainless steel brake lines (not pictured yet) $120

My prices here do not include shipping. First come, first serve and I'm definitely open to offers for multiple items. PM me or post here and I'll get in touch. When you PM me, please provide me with your email so we can communicate that way. I'm an honest, online seller with an eBay feedback score of over 1,000 to back it up so rest assured that a deal done with me ensures you're 100% satisfied. If you have any questions or requests, let me know.
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