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How come only one of my rear tires spin? Why not both? It has been bugging for 2 years now. Forgot about it till now.

Also, I cant burn out. I tried, but failed every time. Any good way of doing it?

Any good way to keep from "fish tailing?"

Whats "power breaking?"

Why did my transmission guy told me to always drive in OD rather than D? (i know the difference, but why can't I just use D all the time?)

Thank you in advance.


PS Theses are questions I had, but where afriad to ask I guess. Maybe more to come :p

Sweet T
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1) Only one tire spins because you have what is called an open differential. Essentially, the torque follows the path of least resistance to the ground, and that happens to be the wheel with the least amount of traction.

2) Try the following, stand on the brake pedal with your left foot, and rev the engine to about 2k RPM while the car is in drive. Let off of the brake pedal and simultaneously smash the gas to the floor. Be sure to deactivate trak-control if your car is so equipped. Also.. getting your rear tires wet will help in the burnout department.

3) The only real way to keep from fish tailing is to not loose traction in the rear wheels. In other words, keep out of the gas when the road is wet.

4) Power breaking is essentially what I described in number 2. It's when you hold the brake and rev the engine at the same time while in drive.

5) Edit:: Didn't notice that you had an AOD. In that case, I dunno. :D

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you drive in od to save fuel mileage by letting the transmission shift into overdrive to spin the motor at a lower rpm at highway speeds.

If you are racing it you want to put it in D and avoid shifting into overdrive at wide open throttle.

The od band does not like wot shifts.

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