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Hi all. I've been lurking for a while now, but thought it was time to join in and pick your brains on a few things..

I don't currently own any Thunderbirds but I do have a 1987 Ford Ranger that I swapped a 1992 Thunderbird 5.0 in to, along with a new T5Z transmission. It runs via a Ron Francis Telorvek wiring system using a Mustang A9P EEC. Custom 2.5" stainless mandrel bent exhuast, shorty headers, stock T-bird accessory drive parts/brackets/fan. I removed the smog pump and disabled the EGR and used one of the EGR trickery resistor plugs.. Thermactor system is also plugged off at the heads..

It's a total death trap, but it makes every single drive an exciting one.

Here's what I started with..

Here's what it ended up looking like, but as always, it's a work in progress..

GB :)


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