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Newer Hood pins?

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Someone had a thread on these newer hood pins...they are a ovel non-pin, come in black, silver or chrome? Kinda like a clip or little handle. Someone had them on his VFN hood. Any one know???
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I bought some non-locking ones but never posted pics. They only come in black and are paintable. Here is the link.

Ordered them here online with no hassles-

They work great but one of mine sticks a little when latching it down. Have to bump it from the open position to get it moving. I'm still using the factory latch for locking purposes.
Yup those are it! Thank you! :)
any pix of these installed in the birds?
LOL, better late than never. I had a complete data loss about the time of this post.

Nevermind the bird turd on my 'bird. The car is out to pasture until the new motor goes in.
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yea johnny langton has them on his vfn hood
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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