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NITROUSAURUS-X Nitrous Oxide Pressure Control System

Can your bottle heater do this?

**Bottle heater, cooler and bracket all in one
**Will heat or cool within 1degree of setting
**Only draws 5 amps
**Mounts in your car
**Works with standard 10 lb bottles
**Microprocessor technology
**Digital control panel

Get the most out of your Nitrous Oxide system! The NITROUSAURUS-X Nitrous Oxide Pressure Control System will keep your nitrous bottle at the OPTIMUM temperature for MAXIMUM performance and consistency.

No more dangerous nitrous oxide heating blankets or ice water rags to help control the temperature of your nitrous oxide bottle. Designed to support almost all nitrous oxide systems, your NITROUSAURUS-X pressure control system will heat or cool to maintain that perfect temperature.

“Truly one of the most sophisticated and advanced state-of-the-art nitrous oxide pressure controlled systems on the planet.”

Experience true "Set-It and Forget-It" technology with our unique Peltier Heat Pump application and microprocessor controlled circuits. Whether you're a bracket racer looking for more consistency or looking to maximize the performance of your nitrous oxide system in heads-up drag racing, this is a must-have solution for you.

Our all new Nitrousaurus-X system can make your nitrous assisted vehicle run E.T.'s just as consistent as any naturally aspirated vehicle that you may have to run against. With our help, the winners circle is now just around the corner.

any questions, give me a hollar.

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