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I had a on and off bucking/loss of power condition and suspected the fuel pump since It had unfortunately been running on empty a lot. It was the last part I wanted to change tried a new FPR, Fuel filter, Cleaning MAF, etc. I noticed the improvements but the problem remained.

Eventually the car died in a gas station parking lot. I replaced the fuel pump/strainer today, put everything back together, and no start, no pressure at the rail. I suspected the fuel supply/fuel return lines had been reversed, disconnected the new fuel filter and no gas came from the line when priming. The still connected fuel filter was leaking gas however.

I wrote down the pins but took them out, stupid mistake. So I tried priming a bunch of times up the fuel return lines apparently...

I need to go back day after tomorrow when it's not snowing and drop the tank again but with 7 gallons of fuel this time. I think I can do it with jacks as long as I don't move the tank too much.

The car has 64k low miles in good condition otherwise until recently. There is gas in the oil, which is why I replaced the FPR without success.

That's the story, I had A couple questions,

Should I expect damage to the FPR from reversing the connections on the sender unit and priming? :confused:

Also, my FPR came with an oval shaped rubber fitting that wasn't on the stock one. I installed it with this fitting on, but maybe it's for another model?

I should be doing this day after tomorrow

EDIT: I swapped the lines now I have fuel pressure to the rail! But still no start... I'll check any codes if I can get my ELM327 working. Maybe loose ground to CCM? Maybe someone will learn from my mess I'll keep posting the progress...
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