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O.K. - here's the chance for those of us in Northern California, (North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, etc.), to finally get together!

Fun Ford Sunday will be held on September 8, at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA, across the street from Six Flags Marine World. I just got off the phone with event management, and if we can assemble as a group before arriving, they've guaranteed us a space all together for all those pre-registered. Parking will be on the grass except for late-comers, who will probably have to find parking on the pavement.

Registration is $20, (check or money order - mail only), and must be postmarked by August 31. (Click here for registration form.) Late registration at the gate is $25, but will not guarantee space with those pre-registered. General Admission starts at 10AM, but I believe the gates open at 7AM, so we would probably want to assemble by around 9AM to be guaranteed that space. Between the LOD, (Mark VIII), people and those here, I told them we'll hopefully need about 12 spaces, (more? - less?) - they said we're also welcome to display club banners, (but no canopies). And maybe after the show, we could all get together for dinner someplace.

Discount tickets to Six Flags Marine World, (across the street), are also available via the registration, so bring the GF/BF and/or kids. Cost for that all day pass is $21.95.

We've got over a month and a half to get all the pieces in place, so lets finally get a decent showing for all those in Northern California that have been wanting to have a meet. I'm willing to coordinate getting together and anything else that I can - all we need is some participation! And the sooner we can get an idea on who's showing up, the better our chance of making a good showing for the clubs.

P.S. If you plan on attending, either reply here or drop me an email so I can keep track of how many spaces to plan for.
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