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i hooked my car up to a scanner and got two codes. p0302 and p0171. the first one was that my cylinder 2 was misfiring. and the second was that my car was running lean in bank 1. does anyone no what this means?

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p0302 could mean alot. First thing I would do is pull the #2 plug and see if its gassed out, if it is...replace it and check the plug wire. If new wires and plugs dont take care of it, do a compression test. The lean code...could be alot of stuff...just search for p0171 and im sure that people have posted up diagnostic tests from shop manuals. A dirty or bad MAF can cause some lean codes to show up for either bank. Give it a good cleaning just for fun to see if it takes care of the problem. Hope this helps!

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Additional Info (from the 1994 PC/ED):

Misfire Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs):

P0301 - Cyl #1, Inj Test Pin 75
P0302 - Cyl #2, Inj Test Pin 101
P0303 - Cyl #3, Inj Test Pin 74
P0304 - Cyl #4, Inj Test Pin 100
P0305 - Cyl #5, Inj Test Pin 73
P0306 - Cyl #6, Inj Test Pin 99
P0307 - Cyl #7, Inj Test Pin 72
P0308 - Cyl #8, Inj Test Pin 98
P0300 - multiple cylinders misfiring, or cannot identify cylinder due to Camshaft Position sensor failure.
Possible Causes:

Ignition System.
Fuel Injectors.
Fuel Pressure.
Evaporative System.
Canister Purge.
Base Engine.
Running out of fuel.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) 0171, left bank, and DTC 0174, right bank, indicate the fuel/air ratio is too lean. The system is at the rich limit.

DTC 0172, left bank, and DTC 0175, right bank, indicate the fuel/air ratio is too rich. The system is at the lean limit.

Possible Causes:

Fuel pressure.
Air Intake/System.
Crankcase ventilation.
Engine vacuum.
HO2S/Injector harness.

For the P0171 code, first clean the MAF sensor, and see if that helps.
Here is an article to assist you on that. If no improvement is observed after cleaning the sensor, and resetting the computer, it's possible an oxygen sensor is faulty.

For the P0302, do as Rob suggests, check/change the plug and wire for cylinder #2. I had the same code, and it turned out the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failed and told injector #2 to stay on...
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