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I wold like to find some OEM looking fog lights for my car. HOWEVER, I've never seen any, (that I can remember), and would like to see what the housings look like, AND wold like to know what kind of switches are needed.

I looked on and a couple of others, but either I wasn't smart enough to punch in the right thing, or they do NOT exist.

And ideas? Pics?


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It's been a number of years ago, but I bought a set from AutoZone that look a lot like the OEM or stock headlights..

This is the style I have:
Aftermarket Fog Lights.JPG

You can see how neverfastenough modified his stock fog light housing to accept these fog lights from AutoZone..

Here's the link to that write-up he did-->>A foglight mod anyone can do

I purchased these fog lights with the intent of installing them, but went a different direction..

They're all boxed up, and never used..I even have some wiring, and I think some extra bulbs..

If you want them..You can have them for $25 shipped to your door..

I don't think AutoZone carries these exact ones anymore.. :zdunno:

PM me for details if you're interested..

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