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yep, that's the truth!

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Hahaha! That was an enjoyable read. Reminds me of a few things I encountered during various oil changes....

....just not gonna chance the DUI, though.

Reminds of an email I received a long time ago regarding the difference between men and women when using the ATM. Unfortunately, I'm not a story-teller.

Starts off:

Men Using the ATM:
1. Drive up to ATM; insert card
2. Enter code and transaction
3. Get money
4. Get card and go

Women Using the ATM:
1. Drive up to ATM; place car in Park
2. Adjust mirrors
3. Change radio station; look for ATM card
4. Check lipstick in rearview mirror; turn car off, key in ACC position
5. Sing along with song on radio while looking for ATM card
6. Adjust seats.
7. Take deposit envelope from ATM envelope supply
8. Continue searching for ATM card
9. Wave at drive in next vehicle who just honked to hurry you up
10. Check mascara
11. Locate ATM card in glove box
12. Insert card; search purse for PIN
13. Change radio station because of bad song
14. Continue searching for PIN
15. Wave to driver again
16. Cancel transaction; locate PIN
17. Insert card again; enter PIN
18. Read all screens
19. Check hair in reflection
(you get the idea)
....and so on until the last steps:
#. Cancel transaction; take ATM card; wave at annoying and honking drivers
##. Start car, drive to parking space, park car, turn car off.
###. Go inside bank, and cash check.
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