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Up for sale is a water-cooled oil cooler. This is a stock SC part that was adapted to the 3.8 N/A cars.

As you can see, the water cooled plate attaches where the oil filter is, and the stock size filter then attaches to the end of this water cooler plate.

The plate is feed from a stock SC water pump, which bolts directly to the 3.8 n/a front cover. The tube between the water pump and the cooler is included. As is the SC water pump which has ZERO miles on it, I had this setup on a running engine, but decided to go the V8 route.

The other lines connect to the heater core, as the stock heater lines do. The extra small outlet you see is currently blocked off. This was for early optioned SC's with the water cooled TB.

I would recommend that a new O-ring be installed on the oil cooler plate, otherwise, you are set to go!

The pump costs $100, and I spent another $100 piecing this setup together.

Its yours for $35 plus shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[email protected]

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