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I was a member years ago, but fell out of the system. Also 12 years ago, I picked up a 1989 Super Coupe 5spd., with 110K miles, that had a rod knock. A year later, I acquired a complete engine, that was supposed to near new, from a guy that was going to put into an experimental airplane. The engine was complete, including supercharger, all accessories, including belts, and engine mounts. He also threw in factory shop manuals, wiring diagrams, and a engine stand. Not bad for $200. Well the car sat....until a few months ago, when I noticed the back glass was shattered. Decision time, either junk it, or get it inside, and make it run again. Well, I choose the later. It now has the good engine in it, runs, drives, and shifts good. The previous owner had recently had a new clutch, shifter bushings, and Alpine stereo installed. Miraculously, the interior held up well, and with no mold, etc. In the last week, I received a new A/C accumulator, and a new Hydac accumulator ball for the brakes. Last week, I also got a perfect rear glass installed. I'll have updates, in the future. I also have a 1990 SC auto, that I bought in 1995.

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