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Who here has been here an extensive amount of time? I'm talking a few years.

I was looking at Grog6, and know he's been around awhile, but he hasn't even hit the 1k mark yet. I haven't posted much in the past 2-3 years due to selling the Cougar (hold your applause until the end please), and have almost hit 7k. Seen many come and go, and I wonder, who has been here since the beginning or nearly that point? I've gone through about 5 cars, and I don't know how many stereo setups. Good times, bad times, all that, and I've been there.

I'd just like to say a thanks to those that have stuck around, and for those who have helped make this website enjoyable for those that need our help.


And don't piss off the mods!

ShadowDragon f'ing ate me!
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